filamentfiction (filamentfiction) wrote in flappers,

Filament Fiction Submission

Good morning, everyone!

The theme for Filament magazine's June issue is the 1920s, the jazz age and the bright young people. I'm posting here in case any of you either write erotic fiction or want to give it a go. We're requesting submissions of short fiction stories written on that theme or set in the 1920s.

For our submission guideliness please see here:

The official deadline is the 231st of March, but as this doesn't give you much time I'll be accepting submissions until the 14th of April.

If your work is accepted, it will be printed in a real, available-for-sale magazine :) As an added incentive, anyone whose work is used will be nominated for the Filament Readers Choice Awards 2010/2011!

email me with any submissions or questions :) fiction @

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